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Sky walking

Sky walking - Ecoaventuras Amazónicas

Sky walking

Look out tower

Look out tower - Ecoaventuras Amazónicas

Look out tower

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Yakumana Lake.

Yakumana Lake, located on the left bank of the Madre de Dios River, is an ancient meander and abandoned watercourse of the Madre de Dios River.

Sandoval Lake.

Lake Sandoval certainly shows off its reputation. Despite being close to Puerto Maldonado, it is within the Tambopata National Reserve and adjacent to the Bahuaja Sonene Park. .

Intercontinental Bridge of Puerto Maldonado.

On the mighty Madre de Dios River there is the Continental Bridge of Puerto Maldonado, considered the longest in Peru, with 722 meters in length and two towers 40 meters high, it forms part of the South Interoceanic Highway and connects Brazil with our country.

Main Square of Puerto Maldonado.

In the Plaza de Armas of Puerto Maldonado, part of the representative flora can be appreciated, with mango trees, chestnuts, palm trees, exotic plants that are part of the ornamental beauty. In the center there is a gazebo, it is of modern architecture, a legacy of the Japanese colony, it has clocks on each side.


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