Ecoventuras Tambopata 3 Days and 2 Nights


Upon our arrival from Cusco or Lima, reception and ground transportation along the banks of the Madre de Dios River Towards EcoAventuras Amazónicas.
During the trip we can see some of the settlers as well as the typical crops of rice, bananas, fish farms and some species of birds typical of the river banks, such as rayadores, sandpipers, crowned herons, jabirúes, hawks, kingfisher, swallows and flycatchers. Upon arrival at Ecoaventuras Amazónicas we unpack and become familiar with the eco-house.

Ecoaventuras Amazónicas is an eco-house of 05 double and / or triple rooms that provides comfort without clashing with the environment that surrounds it. We will receive a brief introductory talk about our work with the community of La Cachuela in an ecotourism project, the only one of its kind, as well as the general uses of the lodge and trails, before proceeding towards our afternoon activity.
We start our activity with an Ethnobotanical walk, we have an interpretation area located on the banks of the Madre de Dios River, continuing with the trail which will lead us to Observation Tower of the forest (canopy) of 30 meters high, ( The perfect place to appreciate the sunset, as well as many birds returning home) From the top not only you can see spectacular view of the sub-canopy and its surroundings, it is also an excellent opportunity to observe birds, including toucans, parrots and macaws.
we will wait for the beautiful sunset at the top of the forest, excellent to appreciate the sounds of nature, and to be in contact with it, as the sun goes down, the jungle becomes much more mysterious, it is time for the nocturnal animals like the monkey nocturnal, locally known as musmuqui, insects that will surprise you just by seeing them and much more with hearing them, the famous Tarantulas, nocturnal spiders that are at night that really start their activity.

We will return to the lodge to take a shower and so you can taste your delicious dinner.


We will get up at dawn to visit the Sandoval Lake. After an early breakfast we leave for Sandoval Lake, which is within the Tambopata National Reserve, a walk of about an hour takes us to the shore of the lake. From here, a rowing boat will take us to a silent tour of the lake, to appreciate the lake fauna at its peak of activity.

We will look for turtles, riparian birds, the peculiar shanshos, and perhaps even river otters, known as the largest giant freshwater otters in the world. At one time they were extensively hunted for their thin skin, now the best populations are in the Peruvian jungle. Those seen on Lake Sandoval belong to a resident family of seven individuals, and alone otter.

As the day approaches, the animal activity decreases, we will take with us a delicious tropical Amazonian lunch (box lunch) and then take a short break to refresh ourselves in the majestic lake, there is a small area designated for the use of this activity to be renewed again for our return walk on time to taste our delicious dinner in our eco-house.


If there was much energy we will have an incredible bonfire, observing the majestic starry night.


  • A wake-up call at 4.15am will let you know that we will visit the amazing parrot clay lick “La Cachuela”, which approx. It lasts 2 hours. It is the perfect place for lovers of parrots, hundreds of them will make their arrival in the early morning to congregate and try to eat the clay which is used by the minerals to detoxify some immature fruit or seed as well as to socialize and Search for your partner, it is possible to see up to 7 species of Psithecidae (family of parrots and macaws) in this magical activity. while the other individuals finish pecking and feeding, that show can last for couple of hours.
    We come back to Ecoaventuras for breakfast.
    After breakfast, we take a vehicle back to the city of Puerto Maldonado, and from there to the airport, on time for our flight back to Lima or Cusco.

Package includes:

  • 2 nights accommodation based on double and / or triple triple rooms with private bathroom.
  • Transfers Airport – Lodge – Airport and / or hotel in Puerto Maldonado.
  • All land and water transport according to the itinerary.
  • All excursions with official bilingual guide (English / Spanish).
  • Meals specified in the itinerary, vegetarian options (advise in advance).
  • Check out service on the last day ends at 11.00 in the morning.
  • Includes tickets to the Tambopata National reserve.

Price per person (Min. 2 people) : US $ 190.00