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The kids and the amazon - Boys scout

The Amazon rainforest hosts a wide range of ecosystems. Children can explore part of this universe by learning about flora and fauna, exploring rivers and forests and finding local native cultures, the Amazon is a perfect place for children to experience a natural ecotourism and discover, perhaps, their future vocationOur guides have helped children learn about living cultures and discover the mystery and wildlife of the Amazon, through games, presentations and crafts.
The following ecoactivities develop children during our explorations:

  • Canoe ride.
  • Walk on trails collecting animals.
  • Visit to native communities.
  • Amazonian crafts.
  • Fishing Tour.
  • Swimming in a lagoon.
  • Bird watching.
  • Medicinal plants.
  • Walk among giant trees.
  • Identify animal tracks.
  • Track Ants.

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